Have you ever ordered a meal from your favourite takeaway restaurant, only to be horrified at the amount of plastic you end up throwing out? Us too! That’s why we launched the Trashless Takeaway website – to help customers find restaurants and cafés that accept reusable containers.

Some other benefits

For customers
  • 1.

    Healthier – avoid potential health risks from plastic toxins leaching into food.

  • 2.

    Save money – some cafés and restaurants give discounts for bringing your own container.
    Find them here.

  • 3.

    Food may taste better – just like drinking wine from a glass can taste better than from a plastic cup!

  • 4.

    Good karma! Reduce your plastic footprint and be part of solution, not part of the problem. Read about the plastic problem here.

For Restaurants/Cafes
  • 1.

    Save on the cost of single-use takeaway containers.

  • 2.

    Increased exposure to consumers looking to reduce their use of plastic.

  • 3.

    Good karma! Lead positive change by being part of the solution, not part of the the problem.

Add your business

Sustainability Ratings

Our Sustainability Rating is a way to highlight businesses who strive for a cleaner, healthier community in all aspects of their business. At the time of being verified on Trashless Takeaway, businesses earn points for:


    The business accepts customers reusable containers for takeaway food.


    Food scraps are responsibly repurposed to reduce waste – such as composting organics or donating unsold goods.


    All of the most frequently used takeaway containers have been replaced with compostable alternatives.


    Meat and vegetable produce is sourced from local farms where available.


    The primary source of power is renewable energy (either from a renewable provider self generated).

Our sustainability rating is currently using the ‘honesty system’, as we do not have the resources to conduct official audits of each business.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can a restaurant refuse to use a customer’s reusable container?

    The short answer is yes, it is an individual business decision whether or not reusable containers are accepted. This may be due to a customer’s container being unsuitable (the wrong size, damaged or dirty).

    Make sure your containers are well cleaned, sturdy and fit for purpose.

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    Who’s responsibility is it to wash the a reusable container provided to a restaurant/café.

    Unless there have been specific arrangements made with a business, it is  the customers responsibility to ensure they have thoroughly washed their reusable containers before requesting a business use it (in the same way they would wash their crockery at home). Some business owners may wish to display a sign requesting customers clean their reusable containers before bringing them in.

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    Are there any health and safety rules to do with using reusable containers?

    Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) develops and maintains the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code which is enforced by state and territory departments, agencies and local councils in Australia. At this time FSANZ does not maintain any information relating to the use of reusable containers. It is up to each businesses to determine their own policies and procedures when using customers reusable containers. For further reading visit the FSANZ website.

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    Will providing a reusable container change how I need to order or pay for my takeaway?

    In most situations you will need to order your takeaway at the store (while handing over your container), which does mean a short wait while they cook your meal. You might get a discount for using your BYO container though!

    Some businesses may ask you to pay for your food prior to putting it in your container. This avoids a potentially embarrassing situation after a failed eftpos payment where the unpaid-for food is already in your container.

    If purchasing bulk wholefoods, remember to write the empty weight on your container so that it can be deducted from the total price. All wholefoods shops should have some scales for you to do this.

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    What types of businesses can be added to Trashless Takeaway?

    We accept many types of businesses on Trashless Takeaway. We predominately list cafés and restaurants – with a wide range of categories from Fast Food to Vegan. You can find these categories by clicking the “Filter” button on our home page map.

    We also list Bulk Wholefood Stores, Butchers, Delicatessens, Alcohol Refill and Milk Bottle Exchange programs.

    The only businesses we are not currently including are large fast food chains and large supermarkets, due to the inconsistent nature of individual store policies and staff turnover.