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Trashless Takeaway in the media

Trashless Takeaway….a new way to reduce single-use plastics

Ok, so you use a keep-cup, a reusable water bottle, take your own shopping bags to the supermarket and you’re looking to take the next step in being an eco-warrior.

Jamie Durie's Groundswell – September 2019

Changing our habits beyond reusable cups and containers is what will really help the environment

This is also the aim of Kim and Nyssa Maisch, a couple in Hobart who started a website called Trashless Takeaway to help Australians get in the habit of saying no to single-use packaging.

Carol Rääbus, ABC Life – 11 March 2019

Using your own plastic containers at Coles, Woolworths and IGA

In 2018, Nyssa Maisch and her husband Kim co-founded Trashless Takeaway – a Tasmanian-based website where people share their experiences of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, breweries and other food outlets around Australia that have accepted reusable containers.

CHOICE – 26 February 2019

Trashless Takeaway Goes Nationwide

Earth Garden, Spring 2018 Issue – Page 29Nyssa & Kim Maisch, founders of Trashless Takeaway in Hobart, describe their brilliant website to help people find takeaway cafés that will accept customers’ containers.

Earth Garden Magazine, Spring 2018 Issue

Want to BYO container for your takeaway? This website will help

Every night across Australia, eco-savvy diners are embracing a new kind of BYO – and the nifty website that’s helping them find where to do it.

Kylie Walker, SBS Food – 16 August 2018

War on waste being fought on many fronts by Tasmanians keen to do their part

Husband-and-wife team Kim and Nyssa Maisch are behind the Trashless Takeaway initiative, which is a website to help customers find restaurants and cafes that accept BYO containers…

Georgie Burgess, ABC Radio Hobart – 27 July 2018

New way to reduce waste

Samadhi Whole Foods in Camden and Seta’s Cafe in Campbelltown are both signed up to the Trashless Takeaway initiative, which encourages diners to bring their own containers…

Jess Layt, Wollondilly Advertiser – 16 July 2018

Take away the guilt with Trashless Takeaway

Have you ever ordered a meal from your favourite takeaway restaurant, only to be horrified at the amount of single-use plastic containers left over?

Kim Maisch, ABC Open/Waste Warriors – 28 June 2018

You don’t use so much plastic, do you? How to ditch it for July – and beyond

Swap takeaway containers with your own plastic containers from home … Also look out for outlets that offer discounts for BYO takeaway containers: check out

Erin Rhoads, The Guardian – 23 June 2018

This Couple Is Helping Australians Find Trash Free Takeaway Food

It was the mountain of plastic debris left behind after a delicious takeaway curry that sparked Hobart couple Kim and Nyssa Maisch to start a national initiative to reduce single-use plastic waste…

Sandra Edmunds, 1 Million Women – 19 June 2018

Tips for Taking BYO Takeaway Containers to Cafes

Now there is a website promoting all good cafes & restaurants who allow you to BYO takeaway containers – May 2018

Bin liners to takeaway containers – ideas to solve your plastic conundrums

Opt out by taking your own reusable containers to the local takeaway. Trashless Takeaway helps consumers find Aussie eateries happy to fill reusable containers…

Koren Helbig, The Guardian – 26 April 2018